Gabriel Caruana – Head Chef

Gabriel’s culinary journey starts from when he was a mere 16 years old, having now honed his craft for half of his lifetime. He has always been fascinated by the world of gastronomy and has looked up to Michelin starred chefs seeking inspiration and motivation from their work.
Gabriel had the privilege of working alongside some of the most influential chefs in the United Kingdom, and in the Maltese Islands, having brushed shoulders with chefs working at 2 Michelin starred Le Gavroche as well as 2 Michelin starred The Latymer Michael Wignall. He has also been instrumental in the acquisition of one of the first Michelin stars to hit the Island.
As a Chef his philosophy has been to always enhance the ingredients but never to overshadow; his cooking provides a canvas for the ingredients to shine in a natural way, and what better place to showcase his culinary work than at our Michelin starred de Mondion restaurant.