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€ 120.00
French Osetra Caviar (30grs) (Serves 2) Crumpets, Hen Egg, Red Onion


Mediterranean Red Prawn
€ 38.00
Taco, Fennel, Dashi
€ 38.00
Nduja, Truffle, Jerusalem Artichoke
Foie Gras
€ 40.00
Ivoire Chocolate, Buddha’s Hand, Miso

Main Course

Local Red Snapper
€ 46.00
Shiitake, Lardo, Aljotta
Scottona Beef Fillet
€ 49.00
Red Beetroot, Oxtail, Rarebit
Lamb Rump
€ 46.00
Sausage, Chicory, Black Garlic


€ 17.00
Pineapple, Curcuma, Coconut Cake
€ 17.00
Lemon, Meringue, Yoghurt
3 types: €17.00 │ 5 types: €22.00
Chutney, Artisanal Bread

Maltese Ftira

Olive Oil, Black Garlic


Xara Gardens ‘Bull’s Blood’ Beetroot

Sheep Cheese, Buddha’s Hand, Hazelnut



Cuttlefish, Sea Urchin, Marjoram


Suckling Pig

Piccalilli, Mustard, Dates


Watermelon and Prickly Pear

Gazpacho, Yoghurt, Elderflower



Ricotta, Peach, Grand Marnier

Price: € 90.00

Wines of Malta

Add 5 Glasses of Wine from Malta paired by our Sommelier


Wines of the World

Add 5 Glasses from Around the World paired by our Sommelier



We have come up with a tasting menu that is compiled of the freshest local and foreign ingredients and it is recommended that the whole table takes the same menu. Our Sommelier has also come up with wine flights to pair dishes

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We are constantly updating our wine list. The one below might not be the final one that you will find in the restaurant. Thank you for your understanding.

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